Well well well…who would have guessed that I would be at a festival with my best mate and when I was least looking for something…I met a boy!!!!!!! Seemed like one of those whirlwind things – one of those ‘we just clicked’ moments and it ended in us laying there with me telling him all about Locket. Three days later and he’s downloading it and setting me up as his first Locket – we both said it might be nice to occasionally use Locket rather than say too much too soon. …

Today is the day. I woke up this morning to updates on my iphone from the brains and development in the US as well as Apple — telling me that Locket has been accepted and we have launched!!!! It’s official my dream from nearly a year ago has become a reality and now other people can benefit from my idea, from their own Lockets. I was jittery with excitement as I powered up the laptop and began to email old press contacts I had and posting to friends on Facebook. …

All I wanted to do was call. Or text. Or email. It had been nearly a year since he broke things off and I’d moved over 5000 miles away from London to Los Angeles. I went for months totally fine, thinking of him every now and again. But every now and again the thought would stick around and the urge to contact him and ask him those unanswered questions got stronger. …



The messaging app that lets you say what you ACTUALLY want to say, to WHOEVER you want to and WHENEVER you need to. http://www.locketme.com/

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