Hi Teri,
Alaura Weaver

Thank you Alaura for asserting truthfully that Muslim women did, indeed, march with us on 21st January. I am one of the Australians who rallied in the Women’s March on Melbourne. Beside me marched an Iranian woman — one of two Persian university students in my circle, who are hoping to settle in Australia. It was her first rally, ever. Between speeches she turned to me and exclaimed, “I have found my voice!” She applauded, chanted and cried as we rallied, even borrowed my sign and tambourine to shake in the air. Later, with friends, she asked what “scapegoat” meant. I explained that it’s a way of blaming a minority for problems, e.g. blaming immigrants for unemployment. “In Nazi Germany, scapegoats were the Jews”, I said. “It led to the Holocaust. Now the targets are more often Muslims.” I could have provided more examples from history, of course. Like single women or widows being burned as witches, because babies in a village had died of a disease. But my friend was already nodding in understanding. We were marching for the Civil Rights of all people, regardless of race or creed.

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