How the US government used Nazi scientists to further their weapon superiority.

104 Aerospace engineers of Operation Paperclip. Courtesy of

TThe Second World War was a time of scientific breakthrough, as countries fought for any small technological advantage to help defeat the other side. Nazi Germany was no exception to this. However, the Nazi’s extensively used human experimentation for much of these scientific studies, with all of these experiments being…

How Britain depopulated and killed thousands of Boer civilians forty years before Hitler did with the Jews

Troops marching during the Second Boer War. Courtesy of

GGreat Britain’s conquest over the New World was a bloody endeavor, with many countries succumbing to British occupation. Africa was no stranger to the English invaders, most notably in northern Africa where countries like Egypt had British troops stationed for quite some time.

The southern regions of Africa were also…

One of the many ways the CIA tried to get rid of Fidel Castro in the infamous Bay of Pigs incident

Battalion 2506 landing craft at Playa Larga. Courtesy of

With the world still reeling from the impact of World War Two, the United States and the Soviet Union went head to head in an intricate battle of information and influence known as the Cold War. Many countries were forced to take sides, with the two constantly locked in an…

The story of one ship that refused to desert the helpless aboard the Titanic

Painting depicting the Titanic’s final moments. Courtesy of Royal Greenwich Museum

TThe year was1912. It’s a cold evening on the North Atlantic Ocean for lookout Frederick Fleet. In front of him, a deadly iceberg capable of sinking the pride of Belfast; the wonder ship known as the Titanic. Unfortunately, Fleet’s alert to the bridge would come too late to save the…

The story of how John L. Burns fought at the Battle of Gettysburg and lived to tell the tale.

Painting of the Battle of Gettysburg. Courtesy of

TThe United States, born from the unjust British colonial rule, had declared their independence and defeated the oppressive redcoats. Less than one hundred years later, the American people would be asked to take up arms yet again, to fight for their country. However, this was not a war against another…

Louis Lonsdale

Student at DeMontfort University studying Computer science, with an interest in history, technology and politics

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