All stories must have a beginning

Hello everyone, and welcome to my brand new Medium blog, where I will be sharing things that I just irk to get out there. As much as I love Twitter and Facebook, I have to accept the fact that those things were not designed for prolonged rants (unless your name is Donald Trump, of course).

A few things to know about me, if you care to know (and in bullet points too, so that you won’t get confused as to where you are.. lol):

  • I am 18 years old and live in Sacramento, California.
  • I am an introverted girl (Google that if you have no clue what that means).
  • I am an amateur model in training to become a professional one.
  • I am Filipino in origin, but moved to the US at age 10.
  • I have also lived in Thailand.
  • I hate early mornings.
  • I love my bed.
  • I live with my two sisters, Stacey and Christina.
  • I attend school every day even if I find it extremely hard to learn anything.
  • I love the beach for some reason.
  • I can’t swim for the life of me. Doggie swimming is the best I can do.
  • I look fabulous in a bikini.
  • I look even better in a one piece swimsuit.
  • I am told repeatedly that I am the cutest girl alive (huh?).
  • I love ranting about everything there is (just beware.. lol).

Ok, that’s all I could think of right now. There are so much more that I can’t think of, but I am sure one can figure it out as time passes.

I hope that I can make for an interesting blog that people will just love reading. Oh, and I will also be blogging pictures. Lots of them. Just because I actually do love my modeling gigs, like my sisters do. Perhaps I will even share some of them as well (they are sexy as hell, I can assure you that.. hahaha).