I’m especially interested in the underlying motives for all the rancor from the Bernie camp.
Tom Christy

In a nutshell,

  1. Not for me…I would have been happy to vote for Warren, and have voted for J. Stein. Gender is irrelevant to me as a Futurist.
  2. Blame the psycho-geography of the internet first. It is an echo-chamber for echo chambers.
  3. The Tea Party was originally about getting government to actually listen to the People; and not special interests.

Which leads to…

A. Sander’s supports want a government which listens too and is accountable to the People. They do not see this in Mrs Clinton, because….

B. They want to be treated fairly by the media (owned by said special interests); as well as by the DNC (which is also de facto owned by the special interests.) They are not getting these, and are thusly exhibiting less than stellar behavior.

C. A politician not tainted by significant corruption going for the highest office in the land is a very rare occurrence; those who would rally around one aggressively now out of hiding.

That is what is going on in my view.

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