Inside the Vortex looking for a Moment. . .

The Author by the Seaside — Sennen Cove, Cornwall August 2021

Taking a line from a world teacher on practical spiritual matters. The paradoxes of speaking the truth are prevalent whenever intuition, the language of our collective heart, emerges from the silence. Our heart is a miracle worker, our expert at sending us impulses that its own little brain miraculously translates into thoughts. It pulled me out of a nice warm bed on a cold winter’s morning. What did it say? ‘Have a cup of Yogi Tea and write something — Start fresh, share it from the heart and let the word vibrations warm the hearts of anyone who cares to pick up its frequency.’ So, being a heartwarmer struck a chord in this musician’s vortex of heart’s desires, and my body-temple, refreshed by tea, runny honey and a dash of oat milk, soon aligned with that inner guidance, and is lovingly co-operating.

A heartwarmer’s apprentice…

Our hearts know only the still, silent truths of our inner ‘Being’ — that little word tagged on the end of another one so often spoken unconsciously; human. . . The truth in knowing how a simple paradox can appear in a phrase such as ‘practical spiritual matters’ might seem confusing to an analytical mind. The same teacher impresses me time and again with the use of contradiction also, as in the title headline. The phrase ‘looking for a moment’ seems to contradict the teaching’s essence: ‘Never pursue Anything — just establish a steady vibration and the Law of Attraction will do the rest’.

An individual conditioned by rational thinking might put their hand up at the back of the class and dutifully point out the mistake(as seen from a linear common sense position); that to look for something IS to pursue it — is it not? Yes! and no, might be the wise reply, from the heart. Our all-knowing guide.

One contradiction that keeps appearing in my creative writing resonates more and more deeply within, every time it pops up. It has written itself into my book in progress, an autobiography, as a vital part of a spiritual awakening, a truth-flash in eternal presence that once turned my outer life upside down.

Its essence is all about returning to a home we never left, a testimony to our eternal journey as ‘Light-Beings’ — in-divid-uals, never separate, except in a story, and it’s a movie! It’s got sound too, and it’s in colour — shifts from scene to scene and can be paused and edited, produced, directed and released. It has the lot — even an unlimited cast!. What’s not to Love?…and Yet. . .

So what of the Vortex? My first experience of it came from over fifty years ago in the story of a time that passes from one thing to the next. I was doing what I love to do, and that impulse led to a successful ‘outcome’ — (as doing what you love to do always does!). I was touring America with the first incarnation of the progressive rock band ‘Renaissance’, having the time of my life playing music I loved and with people I loved…and sharing our music within a vortex. Circles within circles, a worldwide audience of awakening consciousness.

It was expressing itself as a new wave of ‘freedom lovers’, souls alive with their heart’s desire, to reconnect with their true Being and to live by its principles. No matter what.

They spoke of Peace, Love and Joy — and joyfully announced it to a war-torn world so deeply set in divisive beliefs and thus by attitudes conditioned by millennia of ‘fight and flight’. The Swinging Sixties; swinging from right to left and left to right in one endless circle of topsy turvy expanding and contracting contradictions all stirred up by the incessant mind chatter of an ego-driven kind of insanity, thinly disguised as normal behaviour.



British musician, poet, creative writer and healer. Writing from the heart where intuition transcends every day thinking. The Presence of Love does the rest.

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Louis Cennamo

British musician, poet, creative writer and healer. Writing from the heart where intuition transcends every day thinking. The Presence of Love does the rest.