Why terrorism is actually cancer

In our modern times, it is not uncommon to hear such things as ‘’This thing is cancer.” Whether it is about social phenomenons or basically people some persons do not appreciate very much, to call something cancer is an insults referring to the fact that the following entity is an nuisance to the overall population.

The nature of these entities are unfortunately not compatible with the real nature of cancer, for the exception to the rule of terrorists. Now, this is not an article which talk about how bad is terrorism, it is something stemming from an underlying evidence and does not have to be debated upon. Terrorism is bad, it ruins some people’s live, and it sucks. Period. This article will instead show that there is a lot of similitudes between the behaviour of cancer cells, and terrorists.

It is first important to briefly sum up what cancer, or rather the cells coming from them. There are two kinds of tumorous cells; the malign ones and the benign ones, both are not ordonned and have the faculty to convert other cells to tumorous cell in an exponential way. The malign ones are the most dangerous; they have the ability with the genes inside them to spread around to other organs and thus further expanding the conversion of the tumorous cells to the body. This is obviously fatal to the human affected by it. The first tumorous cells are usually coming from a defect in a protein when the reproduction of the cell is undergoing.

Terrorism in this case would be the malign cells and religion the benign cells. The main difference between both is that the religion have, by preaching, the power to convert an exponential way of people, the cells, into the religion or rather religious extremism, also the tumor. Although this invasive nature, benign cells are usually not dangerous as the only thing they do is convert a great amount of people in a localized place. Of course if it stays in this state, the damaged area is limited to an organ (a country this time).

Now where the problem really is is when it comes to the malign tumour, aka cancer. As the malign tumours have the power to spread to other organs, the terrorism organisations also have the power, through radicalization, to spread to other parts of the world.

Our world, with the massive amount of terrorist attacks, would be in fact cancerous, which is not something to rejoice on, obviously.

As the violence was already there in the middle east, even though less big than terrorism (the middle east is although now target of multiple terrorists attack, unfortunately not as much covered by the media), by things such as homophobia or negative attitudes towards women, terrorist movements, which claim to be stemming from religion (again even though they are totally doing the opposite of what islam teaches, it makes the thing a similarity with cancer cells as they are rebellious against rules as well), has spread over the world to what we could call the blood vessels of our civilization: internet (malign cells moves to other organs by vessels). The terrorist will thus convert the victim by a lot of techniques, thus making the earth sicker and sicker.

These are the overall similarities of cancer and terrorists, we can also make a link between our societies and the human body. Scientists also compared ants colonies to a being of its own, each ant being cooperative together to achieve a bigger and overall task, a little bit like the different components of the human body cooperate together to achieve a bigger goal.

Also, have I told you what happens when a tumorous cell is discovered? It is eliminated, most of the time, by the body, for security purposes, just like what happens when the police discover a terrorist which is about to commit an attack, or at least arresting them, but you all see the point.