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5 free applications your business needs

5 free applications I use every day to up productivity and streamline my workflow

In this article I want to share 5 free applications I use every single day in my business that are essential to my workflow. I wish someone showed me these 2 years ago before I started out ;) Quick disclaimer: I was not payed by any of these companies. I just like their products and suggest them to every company I work with.


Are you working on a project with more then 2 people? You need Slack. I’ve been using Slack for a while sinds I work for a company in New York City and live in Belgium. Slack is a application on desktop and mobile that makes it easy for everyone within your team to stay up-to-date on the projects you’re working on. It groups conversations in ‘channels’ where everyone can talk about a certain project, the companies website, social media, hiring… You decide who can join any channel so that you only see the channels you have something to do with or want to know about.

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Canva Team

Your business is probably active on Social Media right? If you make ads on Facebook for example, visuals work great. But, how do you make these? is a free tool that shows you what size works best on different applications, gives you access to free pictures, symbols, layouts… And it’s not only to make ads. You can design banners, presentations, social posts, flyers…

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Google Drive

This one is obvious and is the one tool that allows me to work for companies on the other side of the planet. Google Drive makes it easy to manage all documents within your company, across all my devices. Making sure everyone has the most recent files, making it easy to share, get the right files to the right people… Google Drive has a bunch of features and combined with Google Docs, Google sheets… It’s the most powerful tool I own.

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If you have a company or even if you’re self-employed you have to send invoices, make quotes and manage clients. Comanage makes it so easy to create professional looking invoices and quotes in a mater of seconds. I used to spend so much time in Exel trying to make a template for my invoices. Now I log into my account, create a client profile and make the invoice. I’m not kidding when I say I’m printing my invoice 2 minutes after login in.

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Buffer is a platform that makes it easy for you to post on all your social media platforms from one place and schedule your posts. You can schedule your tweets months in advance, schedule instagram posts, Facebook. LinkedIn… I use it for myself and for some of my clients and I love the company itself ;)

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These tools are just a few of the applications I use on a daily bases to up my productivity. Most of these are free, and some have a trial version. But all of them are insanely useful and give me more time to concentrate on the things that really mater, creating. I hate figuring out our fixing technical issues and these tools help me eliminate those.

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