Goals And Ambition

What to do with goals and ambition.

I am an ambitious person. I set my goals way out of reach. Ever since I was a little kid I did things way out of my age bracket. Such as camps, schools, driver’s license, and being self-employed. Looking back at it, while it was very annoying at the time, it wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Reaching for goals that are just about out of reach is my main motivation. When I had my company Tiny House Belgium, I met a lot of people with dreams.

Never the less, what I couldn’t help but notice is that in Flanders, or at least in my experience there, people don’t like to act on their dreams. The reasons they had for their lack of ambition was either a matter of time constraint, resources, finance, mortgage, or kids. I, on the other hand, took action. In July 2016, I did the first THB open doors where 500+ people showed up. Many people at that event told me:

“ Wow! I have been dreaming about a Tiny House for the last 10 years but never thought it was possible in Belgium,”… “of course it is!”

I said. At the time I had only known about tiny houses for a little over a year and I already started a company building tiny houses within that time period.

I don’t see any value in sitting on your dreams and not acting on them. I am not saying it’s an easy process. I sold my company January of 2017, booked a flight to NYC in the pursuit of making my dreams a reality. It’s a process of trial and error. The plan for my trip to NYC on Dec 2016 was to stay here for 3 months. I was counting on receiving money for selling the company the first month I was here, which would have been perfect. I also sold my equipment to make extra cash. That payment was on its way as well. However, the first week of January an incident occurred. Someone broke into our workshop and stole the machines, 3000 euros worth. and the payment from selling my company didn’t process either, the client is the local government, and it took them very long to pay. Without having the payments processed in time I was forced to go back to Belgium on January 7th, 2017.

That was probably the hardest time in my life. Being so close to my dream of living in NYC but not fully getting there knowing you could do much more being in the States. When I got back home I was sick for 2 full weeks. I haven’t been sick for the last 3 years, except for a common cold or something small. This time it only passed because of heavy medication. My plan was to go back home (Belgium) for 2 weeks, sort everything out and come back to New York. But that didn’t happen. I was home till April 5th because of the delay in the payments. Even though I was waiting on the money to come through, I worked as much as possible in the mean time. Just in case the money was delayed further, I would have the means to still travel back to NYC.

April 5th I flew back to NYC, finally. I’ve been here for about 3 weeks. It’s not all romantic of course. The first thing I needed to accept was that New York City is huge. There is so much to do; I needed to accept that I couldn’t do everything. Anytime I did something, I would ask myself “Is this the best I could be doing right now?” or “Is this the only thing I could be doing?” “Why am I resting or sleeping knowing there is so much to do out there.” That is a typical NY thing it seems like. For instance, I downloaded an app called “meet-up” which lets you post and join meet up events across the city. In this city, there are 5000+ meet-ups a week! That’s 20,000 a month. That’s incredible and very overwhelming. What’s mind-boggling is that that’s just the one app. I still struggle with what else I could be doing like right now, I’m writing this article at 11 AM but my mind is wandering about the next big thing.

Since I am taking action of pursuing my own dream of moving to New York City, It’s interesting to have people connect with me through YouTube and Facebook asking me for advice on what they can do to follow their dreams. 
Which is very simple:

First, if you know you have a dream, make sure you don’t tie yourself down to a mortgage, a relationship,…

Second, some people would say, “make a plan of how you want to get to your dream.” I don’t really believe in this because my dreams are always so far away, that in advance, I never have a clue of what’s waiting for me so I can’t really assume what steps a plan would contain. What I suggest is that you just try to picture your next step towards it and with everything you are doing now ask yourself the question how it is bringing you closer to your goal. For me, this step was being in New York City for as long as possible.

Third, Keep moving and believe you will get there. This is the hardest step for me. In doing this, you go through a lot of ups and down, you hit a wall face first probably 10 times a day, but you will also feel very happy knowing that you are pursuing something you have dreamed about for years and there is a chance you will make it happen!

My priority now is to find a way to stay here longer than 3 months. There’s a visa restriction I have now. However, if I can find an internship or a job in the media or tech world, I won’t have that 3 months restriction. I feel really passionate about everything that’s happening in the world right now. Trump, Brexit (England leaving the EU), the French elections, which seem to have given us a break at the moment. I would love to share more about what I think about these topics but I’m still figuring out what’s the best way to go about this. Ideas are welcome!

And that’s it for this article. Let me know what you think about this article by leaving a comment. If you have any tips for me on how to reach my goal you can hit me up on Facebook or in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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