My First Medium Post…

Hello. I am a programmer, dad, beginner cook and wannabe cider maker.

I mostly want to have a place to keep my thoughts because I’m getting old and keeping thoughts in my head doesn’t work as well as using a blog. I also run into the occasional programming conundrum and want to have a place to share my solutions. This blog will be a stream-of-consciousness archive of my random brain-farts, but mostly it will be a programming blog.

A bit about me. I moved around a lot. I went to 12 different schools before graduating high school. No. My parents were not in the military (at least not while I was alive). My dad just had wanderlust (if I’m charitable), or grass-is-greener syndrome (if I’m pessimistic). We nearly moved to Belize when I was 10. I still consider Fort Collins, Colorado my first home.

Now, I live in Portland, Oregon. I’ve been here nearly my entire adult life. I love it here. I haven’t always. Yes it rains. A lot. Please don’t move here. Don’t sell your McMansion in California and come here thinking it will be paradise for you. It won’t be. Sorry.

Career-wise, I worked for Intel for many years. I did systems programming mainly in C++. I didn’t like it that much. At one point I was writing storage device drivers for Windows. I once burned up (literally caught fire) a NAND flash drive because I had a bug (unterminated for loop). Oops. Systems programming is not my thing. I like front end work. I started on WPF back in 2006 when Windows Vista was current. I liked WPF. It was expressive. It made sense, but the world moved on. Now I work on a large medical application hosted in an Electron Shell using Typescript, Bootstrap and Angular 1.x. I like it, but working with Open Source libraries can be frustrating. I am also trying to teach myself React.js. So hopefully I can clear up some frustrations here… If for no one else, maybe my future self.

Some topics I hope to cover in the future: TypeScript, ES2015, Angular.js, working with Electron shell, Visual Studio Code, C#, React.js, SQL.

Thanks for reading.