Halfway through the month, and we haven’t killed each other (or our computers) yet!

Day 1, coffee by the pool

We are nearing the end of our full second week here as a team in El Salvador in what is our inaugural Dynamo Remote Month! So much has happened since everyone arrived on April 1! So far, we have:

  • Somehow, sort of, adjusted to the heat of Central America (the ocean is 30°C guys!),
  • Cooked around 20+ group meals (aka, a lot of tacos 🌮),
  • Gone through at least 16 giant carafons de agua (necessary when you can’t drink the tap water),
  • Been the most casually…

aka #WFBeach

Yes, you are reading correctly: Dynamo is heading out of office. Or, rather, a small contingent of Dynamo is! Eight of us will be setting up shop in the sunny beach town of El Tunco, El Salvador to spend the month of April living the remote working life (or, to borrow from internal slang, Working From Beach/WFBeach)

How did this happen?

Dynamo is a company that has remote work completely engrained into its culture. As an organization, we have 100% remote employees (we even have one on Remote Year right now!) and encourage employees to work from wherever they want. With this in mind…

2017 at Dynamo is off to a juicy start.

Photo courtesy of Greenhouse Juice Co.

Over the past four months, Dynamo has had the pleasure to work with Toronto-based cold-pressed juicery, Greenhouse Juice Co., on redesigning their website and building out a custom e-commerce experience. After a rapid expansion, Greenhouse tasked us with updating their online shopping presence to reflect new business objectives, as well as to better incorporate their well-established brand voice (something they felt was sorely lacking in their old site). To celebrate this launch, we’ve decided to give a behind-the-scenes look into how this website came together.

November means holiday music starts playing in malls, grey skies, and snow becoming a more likely occurrence. As we start getting a little fidgety for something fresh, here are some finds that we’ve been talking about in #designamo lately!

Summertime web picks from your favourite designers.

It feels like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating the arrival of June, aka. the beginning of summer… How have we got all the way over here, to the middle of August aka The End of Summer? *cue dramatic music*

The past month has been particularly eventful for us: we’ve finally moved into our new office space! While the rooftop patio isn’t completely finished, we are still finding ways to enjoy the weather. Here are some of our favourite seasonal website finds right now:

or, 10 tips to combine your work life and travel life

There could be worse places to work from. (Little Corn Island)

Let’s be real: I’m the kind of person who loves to work from an office, surrounded by my co-workers and in a work environment. Travel and work have always been completely separate entities for me, until now. At Dynamo we have an incredibly open attitude to remote-working, which is something that many of us take advantage of. I’ve just recently returned from my first extended travel and remote-work trip and thought I would share some advice for those curious on how to marry the worlds of budget travelling and working full time.

1. Make sure your job is conducive to remote working

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to…

Welcome to our Medium-ised tGIFs! We’re testing to see if Medium is the right kind of space for these kinds of posts, so let us know if you enjoy this style of content. In addition, we’re changing the weekly format into a once-a-month spotlight. We’ve decided to turn the beginning of this year into Girl Power tGIF, spotlighting inspiring female artists and creators.

This month we have French illustrator Cécile Dormeau currently working and living in Germany. Her animations and illustrations are so playful and tongue-in-cheek, using bright colours and simplicity to highlight common pain-points that everyone has felt sometime…

Welcome to our Medium-ised tGIFs! We’re testing to see if Medium is the right kind of space for these kinds of posts, so let us know if you enjoy this style of content. We’ve decided to turn the beginning of this year into Girl Power tGIF! Spotlighting inspiring female artists and creators every Friday for the next few weeks.

We have French artist Anne Horel, a collage artist, singer, performer and known best for her GIF and Vine videos. Horel’s style is pop-culture infused, bright and very in-your-face. You may recognize her art history emoji series or have seen her mash-ups of actors and other pop culture references… with emoji’s. (We love emoji’s over here at Dynamo… Check out our custom emoji set up in Slack) Let the happy vibes from these gif’s wash over you this Friday!

At the end of October I attended the Future of Web Design conference in San Francisco, Future Insight’s first time hosting this event in the Bay Area. As a popular and well-known conference for those in the digital industry, I was excited to see what they would bring to the table in this West Coast expansion. Over two full days I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the realities of being a designer in such a fast paced industry — where our use of the medium changes so quickly. …

Louise Heng

Designer with nomadic tendancies.

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