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Gifts? If Federer played like 2016, then yes, not having to face Murray and Djokovic would have been a gift. But Federer 2017 is a different animal who started the year with restored confidence and backhand, thanks to a larger racket, new coach and new attitude. Also, while his match with Kyrgios was tight, it was no gift that he won it. Kyrgios has a huge serve but his groundstrokes were unimpressive as he was just pushing the ball back 90% of the time especially off his backhand that allowed Federer to make tons of winners and prevail in the rallies. That said, the error Kyrgios committed when he was 5–4 in the deciding TB most likely was his own doing and not because the interruption threw him off. In the first place, the yell from the crowd happened on Federer’s return, not Kyrgios’s. It was just a convenient excuse for Kyrgios losing that point.

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