Here’s how eBay looks currently:

It’s changed a little over the years — you can use a ‘buy it now’ button if you don’t fancy your chances with an auction, pick up items from Argos and use Paypal to purchase your items safely. All great, useful evolutions of eBay’s original offering.

There’s also some pretty useful features that enable users to effectively bid on items…

These features are also effective in terms…

Everything we’ve learnt from User Research at Play — Part 2

Last time we covered a lot of the logistical challenges that can come with running a user research session and how you can get your participants to the right place at the right time. (You can read it here)

This time lets take a look at tips for during your session…

Ground your questioning in previous behaviour

Time after time we’ve had participant’s tell us ‘no I don’t let apps use my location, absolutely not, it’s stalkerish’. In some cases this is absolutely true but after we’ve named a couple of apps that routinely use location — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, we get ‘Oh yeah I use…

Everything we’ve learnt from User Research at Play — Part 1

There’s lots of different ways you can do it - focus groups, task based testing, interviews to name just a few. We tend to vary our approach from project to project using both quantitive and qualitative methods to inform our work. But. The main, and most important thing with user research is that you get your ideas/prototype/designs/products in front of people as often and as early as you can.

“Great design doesn’t live inside designers. It lives inside your users’ heads. …

There’s a lot of conflicting stories around what exactly the first item to be sold on the internet was.

Some claim Pizza Hut got in there first in 1994, others that it was 74 year old Jane Snowball buying her groceries even earlier in 1984 or — and this is the one I like — that it was 21 year old entrepreneur Dan Khon selling a Sting CD to his friend in Philadelphia. Which ever of those claims you subscribe to, its safe to say the way we purchase things on the internet has come a long way since then.

Louise Nicholas

Designer at Play

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