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Astrology April 16 2018. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

Spirit To Matter

After yesterday’s revolutionary break free New Moon at the last degrees of Aries we cross the rainbow bridge between spirit and matter for the first time since 1968 with Shaman Centaur crossing onto the world axis at 0° Aries around 2am MST tonight.

Also, the Moon is now in the most earthly of earth signs, Taurus AND Venus, all our relationships to people and ‘other’ physical manifestations, in Taurus, one of the signs of her rulership, opposes retrograde Jupiter, belief and expansion, in magical Shamanic Scorpio at 20° 58'.

That’s a lot of spirit/matter integration and shifts.

As I write this I am watching a documentary on the Troubles in Northern Ireland that really began in 1968 with protests over housing. I lived in Derry, N Ireland from 1970–1976. In the war zone. So, 1968 brings some very personal echoes for me.

It’s also the year MLK and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated and the Civil Rights Act was signed in the USA.

It was a seminal time. A time of idealism and violence.

The very imagery of Chiron is that of spirit/matter. Half Man, half horse.

The Chiron story is as follows.

“Chiron was the most important Centaur in Greek mythology, famous for his teaching ability. He was the son of the Titan god Cronus and the nymph Philyra. Although centaurs had the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse, Chiron’s front legs were also human, showing that he was different and higher in class than the rest. Other differences between Chiron and his brethren were that he was far more civilised in nature, not indulging in drinking and being overcome with lust. He had superior knowledge, and he had a different lineage to the other centaurs, who were created by the union of Ixion and Nephele.
His death was the result of events that started when Heracles visited the centaur Pholus in his cave, while trying to complete the fourth task described in the Labours of Heracles. The two individuals had supper and Heracles asked for wine. Pholus opened a bottle of sacred wine given to him by Dionysus, but the smell attracted the other centaurs from the nearby area. The centaurs attacked in an effort to take the wine, but Heracles killed many of them using poisoned arrows. One of those arrows hit Chiron by mistake. Chiron was immortal and could not die, but the poison caused unbearable pain to him. So, he happily gave up his immortality in exchange for Prometheus’ freedom, when he was asked to do so by Heracles. Chiron then took a space on Mount Olympus along with the gods.”

It’s with trepidation and hope that I see the ingress of Chiron into Aries. In mythology the Cosmic Shaman was famous for his wisdom and, since the asteroid wasn’t discovered until Nov 1 1977, my hope is that our consciousness of his presence brings more of the wisdom than the wounding.

0 Aries is the most pivotal degree in the zodiac. The world axis or axis mundi is believed to be the point of connection between spirit and matter. An umbilical cord of sorts.

The Sabian symbol for this degree is:

KEYNOTE: Emergence of new forms and of the potentiality of consciousness.”

With the two ‘benefics’, Venus and Jupiter opposing each other an hour before the ingress and the Moon at 3° Taurus (the degree that Chiron was at on his discovery) I am more hopeful than not.

I see the potentiality of consciousness and my Jupiterian self cannot feel hopeless about humanity, despite the media onslaught of fear mongering.

At a personal level, look to where Aries is in your chart, if you know it. This is where the shift to rebirth is occurring. Aries is in my third house, the house of the voice, teaching and WRITING. Today I have a call with my editor to begin writing my book. And my aim for the book is to help others use Astrology to heal their wounds and to evolve as their soul intends.

Oh my.

It’s also healing a core wound for me, but that’s for me to know :). The thing is though, Aries is action. We have to actually take action to move forward and heal. It doesn’t just happen.

Speaking of Taurus, the shift of Uranus into Taurus is going to bring more intense change on and after May 15th.But more on that later.

Can you feel the winds of change? Where is Aries for you? Where were you in 1968, if you were alive?

Will we find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or, like the Holy Grail, will it remain elusive?

Much Love

Louise ❤

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