Astrology April 27 2018 — More Earthquakes.

Or Volcanoes?

Louise Edington
Apr 27, 2018 · 3 min read


Mountains are moving.

Cosby found guilty. More revelations of corruption and abuse. North and South Korea holding a summit. Arrests in decades old murders.

I could go on but the dams are beginning to breach. The volcano has burst and the lava is relentlessly moving all in it’s path. The change is starting.

The still active Mercury in Aries to Saturn in Capricorn square gets triggered today as the Libran Moon opposes Mercury and squares Saturn, forming a T-Square, before Mercy goes on to aspect the Moons Nodes.

Firstly some clarity around things that are being revisited. Responsibilities and duties in your relationships are under review. With Saturn newly retrograde you are likely to be reflecting very seriously about commitments.

The Mercury aspect to the Nodes is one that gives you the opportunity to release more feelings of not fitting in and move towards opening your heart to others and to your creativity.

After all, it’s a very self limiting place to be when you walk around feeling that you don’t fit in anywhere.

If you open your heart to others you will be surprised how others open to you.

There may be some more announcements in the news that will shift the rules. The Cosby verdict is such an important one. Women are finally being believed and it’s no longer okay to assume power over others (men and women) sexually.

Consent is the new rule.

It’s quite simple really.


Is this okay? Can I kiss you?

Get the idea?

And no doesn’t really mean yes.

Having both Saturn and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn at the same time is really shifting the rules.

This is also about gaining awareness of your own self limiting beliefs and statements.

The I can’t’s and I never’s.

Rewrite those limiting beliefs.

There are no can’ts or never’s, only choices. It’s okay to choose not to but don’t tell yourself you can’t.

The Chandra symbol for the degree of the North Node, our future, degree is:

A boy removing a thorn from his foot.
The fatal flaw. Knowing with excruciating clarity that you are bearing a character flaw that goes against everything you seek and hunger for. The flaw is that you do not stand firm and back your self up in your own truth. Instead, you pretend that you are a more superficial or easygoing prototype. But you do not get away with it internally. A dark dispute develops inside, subtly poisoning the atmosphere. And somehow, slowly and gradually, despite yourself, you are being hurtled toward an abyss that you cannot avoid — to cross over the abyss, to uproot physically, energetically, and emotionally your claim against yourself, your self-negation. And when this happens, a sober clarity of self-affirmative strength comes right in and proves to be a gift for all your world, worth every ounce of arduous effort to attain.

This is what we have been working towards since the total Eclipse last August 21st.

Today is another step to following your heart, stopping the self-negation and receiving the love that the universe offers in spades.

Today would be a good day to do a heart opening meditation. You can find lots of guided ones on YouTube.

Yes, things feel freaking intense right now but the possibilities are enormous.

Much Love

Louise ❤

Louise Edington

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