Astrology Nov 29 2018 (11/11/11) Apocalyptic Dreams.

Last night I dreamed that the world looked like this and that I shot my family one by one as they slept to save them from the pain. I then shot myself.

I shot my beautiful daughters and husband and my pets.

Then myself.

Then I woke and could not get back to sleep.

Thankfully I am grounded enough to know that apocalyptic dreams are not really literal and mean a lot of change is coming but, holy hell, sitting with a dream such as this is deeply disturbing.

The world is a disturbing place lately. The divisions are seemingly wide and I myself have done enough battling with others on Facebook.

Change is coming.

I needed to write the dream down to process and I don’t mean to disturb you but, hey, it’s my dream.

How are things changing?

That’s the thing with apocalyptic dreams, the change is so massive that it cannot be expected and usually ends up completely different to how anyone could have imagined.

As always I look at the Astrology and the Cardinal Grand Cross this week is aspecting my Ascendant and also the Galactic Center. Plus Saturn was aspecting the Great Mother, Ceres, at about the time of the dream.

But enough about me.

Apocalyptic dreams are believed to be a good thing in the dream interpretation world. Change, that may be uncomfortable, that is radical and that brings a rebirth.

Today is another triple 11 day, the second in this month. For the sake of space I refer you to this site for a numerologists take on triple 11 days and from there you can look at the number 11 separately. The advice for this triple number is fabulous:

Tune in. Reason with others. Connect, accept, love and listen, and you’ll find a more calm, complete and connected future

Very Venus in Libra and North Node in Cancer.

Tomorrow, the Venus/Uranus opposition is at 29/11˚ of Libra/Aries and squared to Vesta in Capricorn at 29˚ and the Moon’s Nodes at 28˚ Capricorn and Cancer. More 11’s.

We also have the third quarter Moon today at 7˚ Virgo/Sagittarius and that is always a time of reassessment as we go into the balsamic phase before New Moon. Virgo Moon’s do have a tendency to fret and worry.

Uranus Rx in Aries is finishing up his themes of the last 7 years before he moves back into Taurus in March. In Aries he has been Ego shattering (Ego with a big E that is) and asking us to move to the opposite point of knowing that it’s ‘not me, us’ to quote a a person whose words are representative of this energy (Bernie Sanders).

Venus rules Libra and therefore, after her delve into the underworld during her Rx journey, is really strong and in her warrior phase. The recognition that everything is about the ‘we’ is happening.

Then there is Vesta. Personal integration, focus and commitment. Conjunct the dragon’s tail in Capricorn and asking us to release the attachment to societal rules that bring separation and also don’t think of the human family.

Change is coming.

Uranus is unpredictable and some of this may be shocking.

Just like my disturbing dream, however, we may be shocked out of our complacency and decide to rebirth something truly amazing. Shocked out the old paradigm and into creating the new.

As always, you have free will. The shadow of that Capricorn South Node is fear, fear that you aren’t enough. The North Node says you don’t have to do it alone.

Much Love

Louise ❤