Being Surrounded By Talent Doesn’t Push You Down
Lisa Wilton

Go, you! Love the straightforward, kind analysis and conclusions that you draw — I’ve come to the conclusion that writer world works much like the parable of the traveler who asked the old man sitting on the side of the road what the city in the distance was like. The old man asked “What was it like where you came from?” The traveler said, “Oh, they were awful! Petty, mean, suspicious…” The old man shook his head and affirmed that’s what the distant city’s people were like. The traveler traveled on the road that veered away from the city. The next traveler came along, and when asked what the people were like, responded that they were kind, friendly, open, and fair. The old man exclaimed, “That’s what the people who live in that city are like!” and directed the traveler toward his city. You get what you give.

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