Sanctuary for Plot Bunnies

Welcome, little ones

Inklings of new ideas

Sparkle into life

Daily blogging has thrown open the floodgates. New ideas and fresh wonders appear, multiply, and then charge off into different directions. It’s alchemy at its best, creative and fun and entertaining elements being made out of the simplest observation.

The very best thing is that I don’t have to do anything about them, don’t have to carefully develop and craft complicated processes. No, all I have to do is to notice.

It’s all there. My only responsibility to keep the gates thrown open is to honor every arrival, respect the gift by recording it in a battered, spiral notebook. Crossed-out, heavily edited, and remarkably rich, it’s quite the plot bunny warren. The Killer Rabbit happily guards the acres of forest and fields, keeping the bunnies safe and out of mischief, far from the current work in progress.

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