Use Your Real Voice to Tell True Stories

Louise Foerster
Jun 19 · 1 min read
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He apologized.
I’d misunderstood his book.
He owned up to it.

A writer wrote back.

Maybe it was an apology.

Perhaps it was intended as an explanation.

Possibly it was a strange, terrible failure to communicate between the person telling the story and me, the person receiving it.

Let’s go with that.

He meant something completely different from the warning-label design of his book cover. It was intended to shock, to awaken, to inspire people to listen, to learn, to do different.


I didn’t get that.

Was it there?

Maybe it was — for some.

Not for me.

With one kind, much belated response to my post, the writer has shown himself to be real.

RP Eddy is a real person.

What happens now that we’re telling the truth in our own real voices?

Here’s where we started:

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