Young Butterfly is Ready to Fly

Are You Ready?

The day comes sooner than you think,
More swiftly and sure than should be allowed.
Too early and too unsteady and not the right time,
But she’s ready even if you’re not.

Poised at the back door,
The smallest one aims feet straight ahead,
Gathering new-grown courage for first flight.

You knew flight day would come —
Did all you can to prepare her and yourself for
Inevitable, heartbreaking beauty.

Now you know there is no holding back irresistible,
No advance thought or prayerful rehearsal
That will ensure success — whatever that might be.

There will simply be flight.

Her first flight will be what it is:
Epic soar, profound plummet, veering swerve —
All of these or none of them or something else entirely.

Her first flight is her very own first flight.
She’s the one who knows it’s her time
And rises or falls or zooms sideways.

She’s on her own —
With you standing ready, breath held and fingers crossed
Thinking it’s too early and also on time.

Spread your wings, tiny butterfly.
Flex your intention: rise high in the air to
Swim in sun-warmed air to brilliant dream.

On the ground, you admire first flight adventure
With heart stopped and imagination soaring up
And back to your own first, too-early flight.

Writes "A snapshot in time we can all relate to - with a twist." Novelist, marketer, business story teller, new product imaginer…

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