Toothpaste on my top ..

So the sun decides to show its face , let’s get out ! Park here we come ….

Now little man where is your hoodie ? Ah great here it is , wedged between the wall and the chair , now C’mon don’t wrestle Mummy ,you need to wear this. Or do you ? Fine. You’re ok to go in the top with the weetabix stuck on the front .

Ok so snacks ? I definitely had one of those resealable bags somewhere ? Not to worry , we’ll just use this tiny bit of cling film stuck to the tube. Hang on chicken , just a few more minutes with this sticky stuff .

(child getting frustrated)

Crackers ? Where are the crackers ? Ok buddy , we are gonna nip into the shop on the way . (throws the tangled miniscule piece of cling film in the bin) Now let’s fill this beaker . Ok well let’s perhaps wash this beaker first . ( in need of nail surgery after five attempts to remove the lid) No Hunny , I didn’t say shit , I said sit , Yea sit , let’s sit in your pushchair .

Ah ! The pushchair is in the back of the car .Boy in one arm , another arm opens the boot while my knee removes the pushchair .

This is where I wish I had a degree in “ pushchair folding ” because nearly everytime it seems different .

Ok bud I know you don’t like sitting in but we have to do this , The ducks ? The ducks ? Let’s go see the ducks .

🎶 🎶 Five little ducks went swimming one day 🎶 🎶

Now keys , bag, phone . Keys are under the couch , phone is up beside the bed ( Husain Bolt style up the stairs)

Quick glance in the mirror ? A dob of moisturiser on the face , a wee bit of eyeliner ,smudged , aww well .Actually , alot of the mum’s in the park will be kitted out in their lycra gym gear stuff .I won’t be .What can i do to look like I’ve a certain style ? Ehh , I know , perfume ! If I smell good ,they will think I have my shit together .

Nooooo darling I said stuff ! We’re going now ..two more minutes ..

🎶 🎶 Incy wincy spider 🎶 🎶

And we’re off , alarm code , oh no wait , the chicken in the freezer .( Bolt style again back to the kitchen , and like Tom Crean tackles our antarctic type freezer to find some chicken)

Might as well look for the remote and turn off the TV while I’m here ..

Right Buster, I’m ready now ,we better make that dental appointment today too .. Crap ! I haven’t brushed my teeth ..

Bolt ,stairs

🎶 🎶 oh aconald ad a arm 🎶 🎶 whilst mid brush …


A perfect minty splat running all the way down my black top . My only clean black top .

I’m coming little man , one sec till I find a cardigan .

Alarm on .Door locked . Dinner defrosting . Little pal in his pushchair .

Rain falls .

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