This Tiredness Is Really Starting To Piss Me Off
The M Word

Yeah I get it .My hair is constantly “ funny ” coz of this tired syndrome thing . The first six months everybody steps out of your way coz you have this baby on board signal that everyone respects and understands but when babs is 16 months and not sleeping through the night they’re all like, whuuuuut ? and walk away from you like you’re the world’s biggest gobshite .

Of course because I’m at home it’s suppose to be easier and it probably is becuase I don’t have to have him dressed and fed and out the door at 7am but the tiredness sympathy is totally gone and you’re only a spoilt kept madam if you yawn politely in company .Going to bed in the middle of the day is as depressing as sitting on the bottom of the stairs with a bottle of gin and a packet of broken biscuits ! When he goes to bed , that’s my lunch hour , I dive into social media for company and throw a sambo into tupperware and pretend that couch is my staffroom . Actually ,it is ,I don’t need to pretend.

Let’s keep going Mama’s , we’re the best !!!!!

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