Day 14

There are always periods of time in your life when you are unhappy with your body and you want to fix it in the quickest time possible. Whether this be in summer when you want that ‘beach bod’ rather looking like a beached whale or for your new year’s resolution to drop 10lbs. This is where diets enter the fold! Even though I personally have never been above a size 10 it still doesn’t mean that I have always been happy with my body shape; due to the fact, as my mum puts it, I have ‘dumpy legs’ or my even sweeter sister used to say — ‘thunder thighs’! I do seem to have a wonderfully loving family but I’m digressing! Due to never being satisfied with my body I used to think that the diets in my mum’s magazines or beauty magazines were the answer to my problem, so from around the age of 15 I thought that I would start to actively eat ‘healthier’ which meant undertaking a low fat diet. It always seemed like common sense to me, as I’m sure it still does to many people, if you eat low fat then you won’t put on fat! However, the problem with a low fat diet is that after 1 hour I’m starving again. Apparently eating porridge or toast for your breakfast is good fuel for the day?! I don’t know who made that up — but after reading many nutrition books so far it’s safe to say that I’ve learnt who made it up and it wasn’t people that had our best health interests at heart.

For 9 years I lived on and off a low fat diet — and my body never really improved, I only ever seemed to put on a little bit more weight. There was a point in my life when I realised that eating low fat really wasn’t the answer and that was in 2016. Before this realisation I went through a very tough relationship break-up at the start of 2015 which lead me to effectively stop eating for 2 months much to the dismay of everyone in my life. When I was eventually ready to move on with my life I began going to the gym to take my mind off the world and improve my body and my mentality. At this point I had shrunk down to a size 6 and even these clothes were starting to get baggy. So then it began, 9 months I was at the gym 3–4 times a week (running around 12–20km during the week) and even playing touch rugby once a week. While I was doing all of this exercise I was eating a low fat diet, taking fat burning pills (for the last 5 months) and in addition I was even drinking protein shakes (for the last 3 months). Yet through all of this determined effort my size 8 clothes were now really starting to get tight; and to top it all off my skin was in terrible condition, I just couldn’t understand what was happening to me! I believed that I wasn’t exercising as well as I thought I should be and that I should give up — so I did. It wasn’t until around 4 months later in February 2016, I met my wonderful friend Emily Maguire and she got me to live sugar and refined grain free for 30 days. Now I think we are back to where I left off in the first post so as they say: the rest is history! We can now resume our journey within the wonderful world of living low carb!