24 things in 24 months

Inspired by MrsHsfavthings ‘37 things I’ve learnt in 37 years’, I thought i’d share the 24 of the things that I’ve learnt in 24 months of being a mum.

So here goes…enjoy!

Sleep…Sleep when your baby sleeps — such a cliche I know but little boo is two now and I still have the odd cheeky nap in the afternoon if we’ve had a bad couple of nights (bit more difficult on a work day!).

Tableware…Ikea is the best place to get good weaning tableware, so cheap and lets be honest, it’s only going to get thrown on the floor!

Jeans… Don’t even bother with your pre-pregnancy jeans, it will only make you feel rubbish. Just buy some new ones!

Knowing me, knowing you… Get to know the products you’ve brought. I didn’t know we had a sun visor on our pram for about six months!

Weaning…Don’t be ashamed of feeding your baby with food pouches. Everyone does it. Little boo was very partial to an Ella’s Kitchen.

Poo poo…The explosion will always happen when you don’t have another spare outfit. Just go with it. You will find a way, even if it is stripping them down in the supermarket toilet and wrapping them in your oversized scarf!

Boo in her emergency outfit after a poonami in the supermarket (bless her)

Share…Remember to talk to your partner. Tell him about the routine today. He’s learning too.

Patience grows with time.. I’ve realised I have a lot more patience than I thought I’d had but tantrums are only around the corner so don’t use it all up at once!

Priorities…Some things just become less important. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s totally fine.

On demand… This is now my best friend. From box sets on mat leave to re-runs of Hey Duggee. It never lets me down.

Friends… Hang out with other mum’s as much as you can. You’ll have just as much fun as you’re babies.

Speak up…Ask for help. I still need to take my own advice here on occasions. Why make life harder for yourself.

Washing…A tip from my lovely friend Laura, use colour catchers in the washing. You can do all the little person’s laundry in one wash (although i’m still paranoid about the whites and take them out!).

Still not brave enough to use the colour catcher on the whites!

Childcare… Look into your options sooner rather than later, that way you have more choice and more time to get your head around things.

The bottles…If you’re bottle feeding, clean the bottles first thing. No one wants to do them last thing at night and it really does save an argument!

Support…Use your health visitor. They are a fountain of knowledge and great support for new mums on all sorts of things.

Socialise…Join your local baby group. Daunting at first but you could meet some really lovely people. I’ve met friends with little one’s the same age as boo so she’ll be heading to school with some little friends. Lovely :)

Black it out… Invest in blackout blinds from the get-go. You’ll reap the benefits later.

Metime…Time with your friends is so important so let your partner pick up the slack and have some girlie time.

Snuggle…Cuddle up with your baby. If they sleep on you, just enjoy it. It’s one of the most gorgeous things in the world and they won’t do it forever. Plus, you can squeeze in that extra episode of your favourite box set.

The golden popper… Did you know about this because I didn’t! M&S sell sleepsuits with one gold popper so you can see where the middle popper is. It speeds up putting on sleepsuits no end.

If you can, try and shower before your partner goes to work. Failing that, invite your friends round and shower whilst they’re visiting, as they are really only here to see the baby right…!

Look after yourself… Often my downfall. Try and eat well (you won’t, but try) and you’re halfway there.

Silly billy…Sing, dance, jump around and generally be silly with your little one. You’ll both enjoy it, I promise.

I’m sure there are 100’s of other things that you’ve all learnt on parenting journey, and we’d love you to share them with us. Why not pop a post on our social media channels and share the love x

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