Jabs, jabs, jabs

Top tips for surviving the jabs

Necessary but horrible, you spend your whole time, day after day protecting your child from pain and then along comes the day of vaccinations. The day where you are inflicting pain on them ON PURPOSE!

We all know it’s for the greater good and this is much better than the alternative but still, I did NOT look forward to these trips to the doctors, which were guaranteed to not only fill me with guilt but end up costing me money with an impulse toy purchase to cheer up little boo!

Impulse purchases include little outfits, a book, toys, a sweet treat… need I go on…

We had to have three rounds and it didn’t get any better if i’m honest but it was our choice to go ahead with them. The first one was by far the worst but i’m not going to go into detail about them, i’m simply going to share my five survival tips for how to get the little one (and you!) through the pain!

  1. Calpol — they are bound to have a temperature, little boo had one every single time so just dose them up as soon as they’ve had the injections!
  2. Dress appropriately — especially with the new vaccinations which can leave a bit of a bump. The nurses need to be able to get to both their arms and legs, therefore if you’re taking your little one for their jabs in the winter, make sure you take lots of blankets as putting those cute little jeans or tights back on them will hurt their little legs an unnecessary mission!
  3. Time to rest — as boo suffered with the temperature and had sometimes flu-like symptoms after her jabs (every baby is different though), it didn’t help that on the first set we had people staying for the weekend! You’re bound to have a sleepless night so just be kind to yourself and have a duvet day.
  4. Cuddle up — remember that they aren’t small forever and i know it’s hard when all you want to do is catch up on some sleep so take advantage of this. When they cuddle up on you for comfort and sleep, just sleep too. Enjoy those baby cuddles.
  5. Don’t be hard on yourself — I took my mum with me to the first round of vaccinations and i was pleased that i did as it was just as traumatic for me i reckon! There is no shame in having some support.

I hope these tips have helped you a little. We’d love to hear any survival tips you may have. Why not share them with us via:

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