How Netflix Used Sonic Branding for Success

Netflix’s iconic ta-dum sound plays a bigger role in their success than you’d expect

Louise Morris
5 min readOct 6, 2020
A person holds up a remote to a TV, which has “Netflix” written across the screen.
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Ta-dum — it’s the sound before you watch anything on Netflix. You can probably hear it in your head right now. This simple, two-beat sound bite has become one of the most iconic sound logos of our generation. However, this was by no means a coincidence.

The story behind Netflix’s sound logo is one that highlights the effectiveness of sonic branding and how it can be used to enhance consumer experience and aid in a brand’s success.

But before we go into detail on Netflix’s use of sonic branding, it’s important to know just what sonic branding is, what it can accomplish and whether or not it’s even worthwhile investing in for your business. Then we can learn from Netflix just what it takes to successfully brand yourself through sound.

What Is Sonic Branding?

It may not be as popular as visual branding but sonic branding is basically the same concept except through sound. Rather than someone looking at a logo, they hear something and they associate it with your company. That sound aims to evoke instant recognition and an emotional response just as a visual logo would.



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