#3: You think you can plan your life.

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I went on a date the other day with a guy who was in school with me. I wasn’t aware of this when I matched with him on Tinder, I had no clue who he was. But he recognised me.

Naturally, as this fact came up in conversation, we ended up reminiscing about our school days during the date — which was all well and good until he said those dreaded four words, “I miss those days.

The red flags went off in my head, “Yeah, they were fun but life’s so much better now.”

“I don’t know — I think I peaked.” It’s a statement no one really wants to hear from a potential partner. And based off his expression it's not something anyone wants to admit to. However, the way he said it with acceptance rather than defeat made me believe he really had peaked. His honesty really would’ve been quite attractive had it been in a different context. …


Louise Morris

A work in progress. Find me on Twitter @LouiseMorris_98

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