Delight the customer — One of the benefits of working with a traditional travel agent is the personal service and attention you get. However, no one has the time anymore to walk into a travel agency, or even pick up the phone to call. At SnapTravel, we have invested significant resources in delighting our customers — providing 24/7 human agents/customer service over messaging. For every hotel booking we make, a human agent will call the hotel the morning of check-in to negotiate a free upgrade! Our customers are delighted to get a message like this on the morning of their trip: “Hello Jon — hope you are excited for Las Vegas! We called the Bellagio and got you upgraded to a suite at no extra charge. Enjoy your stay!”
SnapTravel just raised an $8M Series A. Here is the story.
Hussein Fazal

Do you think the customer will be delighted to know that your agents don’t always call the hotels before telling them they’re sold out? Because this is what your agents did to my small B&B. You don’t represent my business and your agents repeatedly stated we had sold out and offered to search rooms on your partner sites on OTAs.