Take a Whiff…
Molly Graf

That was beautiful Molly. Yes, it is amazing the memories that a little whiff of something can bring.

One that sticks with me a lot, due to having a lot of very elderly clients, is that “old house — old lady smell” A bit of mothball; a bit of radiator warmed old furniture; a bit of potpourri — leaning to rose petals. All those things recall to me time a spent as a small child in the Paris flat of my ancient great aunt. My parents would dump me there while they went off and did annoying grownup things, and I would be left with “Tantine” who spoke not a word of English and had no clue what to do with 6 year old.

Moreover, her flat was filled with very breakable ornaments which I of course wanted to play with, and also at least three noisy clock. A Cuckoo clock, and two Big Ben clocks. None of these clocks were in synch.

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