Hoarders at the gate
Pam: Early Onset Spouse

Your article really struck a chord.

Hoarding is horrible and I see now that pretty much everyone I know does it, albeit, supposedly for different reasons.

Our elderly neighbour has done it for years, and says that it started when she was a child in an orphanage and had nothing to call her own. As soon as she could get something, she would stash it. This got much worse as she got older. Finally her kids declared the place a fire hazard and cleared out a ton of stuff.

For my hubby and I it is always “Don’t throw it out, we might need it for something one day.” While a comforting excuse, rarely does the day ever arrive when we actually need one of those items. (Although, if and when that day arrives, we have probably just thrown that item out.)

When we moved the last time, we must have pitched out or given away the equivalent of a dump truck of stuff. It took us 17 years to get that together.

Now we have been at this home for 10 years and I am seeing signs of piles of useless junk building.

We make regular trips to the thrift store to donate stuff, but nothing every changes.

I have a feeling that you may need more than a broom to fight the clutter.