#FreelanceLife: 1

Hi. My name is Louise. I’m a freelance developer in London (portfolio), and I’m inspired by the message of Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work.

But it’s been tricky to think of a way to share my behind-the-scenes stuff, beyond the occasional tweet about JavaScript. It wouldn’t be very interesting to screenshot a line of code that I wrote. And the busier I get with freelance work, the rarer it is to have time to work on side projects.

So I’m trying out this option: a quick morning note about the stuff I’m thinking about for the day, with the hope that there might occasionally be something useful in there for someone who’s new to freelancing.

Just so you know, I:

  • have been freelancing for four years, before which I had various unrelated jobs — so the past 4 years have also involved a massive career transformation
  • am currently working on a mix of smaller and bigger projects for various startups & established companies — all great clients and teams that I enjoy working with
  • run the London Freelancers meetup group (we also have a Facebook group and a Slack channel) with my co-organisers Dylan & Adam — if you are a freelancer in London, you should come to a meetup and say hi
  • am always keen to connect with fellow freelancers, especially developers — feel free to send me an email or tweet if that’s you

Alright, that’s the introduction done. Hopefully future notes will be way shorter as they’ll just be covering my plans for the day.

Today, I’ve got a new project to checkout and setup for local development (PHP + Angular 1.x), a lunch meeting about another project (using React — this one has some interesting front-end challenges) & a mini-workshop run by another member of my coworking space (community participation FTW).

Time to head into the office.

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