#FreelanceLife: 16

It’s so late! But Captain Resolutions refuses to skip a day!

Wrote bunches of code today. Also spent some time with my new bosses-to-be, looking at and discussing more code. And we had more of the cold & clear autumn skies outside. So, pretty delightful, as days go!

The only useful freelance thought I can think of to share right now is: podcasts. There are so many of them that are good. I have an app called Pocketcasts that optionally speeds them up a bit, too, which is nice.

If you’re working independently and not spending much time around fellow professionals, then IME podcasts can be a good way to keep up with new developments and topics. Without the office politics!

If you’re a freelancer and you have a spare moment, write a response to let me know what you’re doing & thinking today. 👍

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