#FreelanceLife 35: “Not inspiring”

So, this series is not inspiring and I think it’s because I do not find freelancing particularly inspiring these days.

Yes, it’s good to know that you can freelance if you need to. To know how to dig up work and find clients and invoice for deposits and scope projects, etc.

But I’m tired of feeling tired, of endless overtime and of being a solo developer + project manager + biz dev + admin assistant all at once.

My limited recent experiences of working alongside other developers (incl. pair programming) have been insanely more enjoyable than my last few months of freelancing.

Having all the responsibility to produce code miracles on your shoulders is pointlessly tiring. Whereas discussing problems & solutions with smart people who are on your team is energising and THE BEST.

So, thank god for a new full-time opportunity (starting next week — yay!). If I didn’t have a ton of work to do, I’d just lie on the floor until Tuesday.

And I think I’ll end this series here. For anyone starting out as a new freelancer, enjoy your home office comforts while they’re novel — but maybe don’t lose touch with any potential employers you know. Just in case!

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