#FreelanceLife: 5

This one is super-late. I completely forgot about this new thing where I share what I’m doing each day to try to provoke other freelancers into doing the same, so… sorry!

I’m currently involved in 5 or 6 projects, which I think might be my maximum capacity because I can’t list them all without checking Trello.

(That’s not including any side projects or freelance community stuff.)

I don’t have any clever tactics for productively working on so many different things without getting overwhelmed. I think you just get used to it after a while and the challenge becomes enjoyable. And you develop a solid, simple system for keeping your to-do list accurate & safe.

One thing I had to do today was spend 1+ hours reporting on project status to a client by email. We also have a call scheduled for later in the week that could take 1+ hours as we’ll be discussing some complex app functionality.

I haven’t yet properly calculated the average percentage of total project time spent on communication (discovery, reporting, testing/gathering feedback, handling new requests and other unexpected things), but I feel like it’s 20%. Does anyone else feel like it’s 20%?

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