So you find something useful when you go looking.

Almost 1,127 dedicated study hours in, if asked how to make a study session productive, I’d reply with something about mindset and intentions rather than technology or environment*.

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To be clear, the following points refer to sessions covering new material, not exam prep/revision.

What mindset seems most helpful?

I don’t think this is a difficult question at all, though I’m open to hearing others’ answers if they disagree.

Mine would be:

  • curious, calm and open to possibilities
  • low ego and unafraid of consequences from self or others

What’s an easy way to adopt this mindset?

Post-it reminders of useful thoughts, stuck to your desk, is a simple method that works.

For example:

  • I just want to learn one new thing…

The second in a series in which I discover others’ learning secrets.

Welcome to part two of this series of interviews with interesting people who do a lot of active learning.

This time, my questions have been kindly answered by Brendan Schlagel, who is more focused on group/social learning and teaching than I am. But what is human knowledge if not shared? The following answers have given me much to think about.

For example, what is the role of fun in learning? What can we learn from participating in a group? How much do structure and routine really matter?

Read on for the thoughts and experiences of someone very involved in work that touches on these questions and more. …

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Louise Swift

Software developer. Mathematics student. Working on, too.

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