The Grocery Peeps: Speed dating

To test our ideas, we used the Speed Dating method with 5 different users. We showed users our 8 storyboards and asked them these questions:

  • Do you see yourself in this scenario? Is this something you would like to use?
  • What do you think about this technology / interaction?
  • Are there any trouble or inconvenience you see here?
  • Rank the ideas from most needed to least needed.


Our detailed notes from our speed dating sessions can be found here. We have summarized our findings below.


  • People want to know what others like/have bought (Rating system)
  • People like the idea of seamless checkout in your cart
  • People like having personalized and simple experiences


  • People are worried about information overload
  • People are concerned about privacy
  • Concerns exist if some solutions will make the grocery store more confusing


Things/ideas to consider as we continue to plan out our project

  • Controlling the cart: remote control (VR headset, shelf dropping food into cart)
  • Cart checkout: Last minute impulse, ticketing system — While i am waiting in queue, use the remaining minutes to buy more — how would people behave — how do I incentivise people to buy last minutes — losing the opportunity for last minute buy at the checkout counter
  • Wearable instead of scan — interesting (wristband?)
  • Calorie counter app, sync (when I enter the store) maybe wholefoods app sync
  • When does the system prompts to ask for a review on product — How the rating system gonna work — private data might be better for the store

Next Steps

For our next steps, we plan on zooming back out and seeing how our interactions would fit in the entire user journey to create a seamless experience from start to end.

Link to our presentation.