The Grocery Peeps: Ubicomp User Journey Map + Video Sketch + Photo Montage

Customer Journey Map

Here is the final version of our customer journey map. It incorporates the different steps of the shopping experience that we discovered through our research (shadowing and behavioral mapping) with the touch points we identified using the Rose, Bud, Thorn method.

Video Sketch Storyboard

We wanted to show the following interactions of the shopping process in our video:

Entering the Store/Getting set up

  • Enter Whole Foods, taking wristband from public rack
  • Wristband syncs with the Whole Foods app to get preferences
  • Wristband will project a touch responsive display on your forearm
  • “Home” display will include your shopping cart summary, total price, infographics about budget and other stats

Purchasing things

  • While buying produce, wristband will display information about weight and price
  • The wristband will pinpoint your location in the store and communicate with the aisles, also sync with your personal shopping history and recommend products, sales info
  • Smart cart will know what’s in your cart at all times and update your wristband
  • Gesture to fetch info from a product and more information will display on your forearm
  • Display reviews on aisle space on product label (star ratings)
  • Collect review from whole foods shoppers via phone app
  • Interactive refrigerator windows

Checkout Experience

  • Seamless checkout
  • Smart cart and smart wristband communicate and know what items need to be checked out. Simple tap and pay using your phone.
  • Confirmation, are you sure you want to check out?
  • Some sort of display?
  • Still have traditional check out for old-fashioned people
Storyboard for our video sketch

Photo Montage

The photo montage highlights key intervention points of our ubiquitous computing design.

Video Sketch

Some stills from our video