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For Democrats to regain power, they would have to become more mainstream and moderate. The losses have been catastrophic and it will be difficult to recover. More of the same will not help your cause. Right before the election, Obama began insisting by executive order that schools which did not allow anatomical and genetic males in the girl’s locker room would lose funding. Michelle had already made school lunches unappealing. Obama care made insurance unaffordable and Islamic terrorism concerned a great many people, but the Obama administration insisted on more “refugees”.

The timing could not have been worse. At a time when Democrats and Hillary in particular should have been reaching out to Republicans, she was calling them “deplorable” and promising to get them fired from their energy jobs. Thing is, Democrats also work in coal mines, Democrats don’t want their daughters to lose scholarships to boys and then have to get naked with them in the locker room. Many Democrats could not afford the so called “affordable care act’ coverage. Many Democrats feel there is too much Islamic immigration in the US and feel unsafe. These Democrats were abandoned by their party and voted Republican. While Democrats were busy taking the win for granted, they ignored the many states that are not liberal coastal and filled with over populated major cities. There really is a world outside of LA, New York and Washington DC, and it did not vote Democrat.

How has the Democratic party responded? Recently they have demanded that all Democratic politicians support abortion, or they cannot run on the party ticket. Another example of limited and non mainstream agendas that will not win elections. For liberals, there is no compromise. those who disagree with the agenda are called ignorant and hateful. After members of the Democratic party are called names for disagreeing with climate change, immigration and LGBT activism, they vote against Democratic candidates.

What will change things? When Democrats are allowed to disagree with the extreme vision put forth by party leaders. A candidate should be able to be pro life and also Democrat. Democratic candidates should be able to be religious, anti climate change science and still run for office. Otherwise you will not win back those voters who are not as extreme in their ideology.

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