Just switch the name from Trump to Obama and you’ve nailed it.
Steve Negri

I agree with the difference being that Democrats feel they are entitled to a violent overthrow of the government. The Democrats have been waging a civil war and have been behaving as if this recent election was an overthrow of their government. Far from respecting the election as lawful, they have tried recounts, begging and bribing electors to choose Hillary, and now impeachment (without any charges). Sadly it is far more than just being “sore losers”.

It is an unprecedented sense of entitlement that is seen on college campuses where free speech is not allowed and people with conservative views are censored. It is seen in courts where Christian business owners are fined out of business for refusing to violate their beliefs. It is seen in science where advocacy and political views are elevated to the level of unquestionable scientific fact where global warming and transgendered rights are suddenly viewed as unquestionable facts and all people need to make immediate and drastic changes to accommodate these biased and subjective opinions being passed off as scientific facts.

The Democrats do themselves no favor. Their uncivilized extremism will cost them more elections and most certainly the 2020 presidential race. Their only hope is reinvention as a more moderate party that is more inclusive and far less insulting to the majority of the nation. I do not know when we will see a Democratic president again, most likely not for 2 or 3 more elections. When we do, we can be sure that he (or she) will be running on a “new and improved” party platform that disowns much of the recent and shameful past perpetuated by Obama and Hillary.