This 4th of July Celebrate Yourself, Not America

I voted for Trump, and I’m not noxious. What I am is a registered voter and letters like yours are how Democrats lose elections. Why would anyone vote for people who insult and bully them? I’m sure there were some Democrats in the energy industry……. until Hillary gleefully promised to fire them all. It was the most ignorant and arrogant campaign promise I’d ever seen!

No, Trump will not be removed from the presidency, because disagreeing with liberals is not a crime. Your letter is par for the course for liberals these days. Far from accepting that free elections involve a loser and the last time a single party held the White House for more than 8 years was 80–92, when Republicans did so. I believe the last time Liberals did so, was before Television, maybe even before Radio!

Democrats have began acting like the country is their property and somehow there has been a coup. As if instead of an election, we had an overthrow of government. Democrats seem obsessed with taking back the government at all cost, since the end justifies the means. In the process it has been profoundly insulting to true Americans. One example would be washed up show business folk begging electors tom change the outcome of the election. Since, according to them, it was all a mistake that Trump won. This is the same as saying that when Republicans vote, their votes should be undone, since they are not qualified to be a part of the election process.

What next? Take away citizenship from Republicans, so that they can’t vote. (like they did to the Jews in Nazi Germany) Or you can fine us out of business when we do not compromise our religious values to serve at gay weddings (or you could just smash all the windows to our shops and loot and burn them down (like they did to the Jews in Nazi Germany)

Liberals have gone too far and currently desire a life long dictatorship. If you believe elections can be overturned when Republicans win, why have elections? Perhaps you can gun down Republicans when they head to the polls, (like they do in Central America)

Yes, I did celebrate America! I am not interested in being a part of a one world socialistic government. Your evil plans have been foiled and you will continue to lose seats in the House and Senate, as well as state governorships.

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