So you’re part of the problem as well.

The intensity of your emotion is unjustified. What happened was a normal American election, where one candidate was assured of losing. Why does it come as a surprise that Hillary lost? Power has been changing hands for the past quarter century every 8 years. Clinton, Bush, Obama, and now Trump. the pendulum only swings so far and then it returns in the opposite direction. This time seems different, in that Democrats behave as if the country belonged to them and that it has been overthrown.

To read that only mental health professionals who promote liberal progressive agendas should be allowed to practice is quite shocking. Since when did science come to belong to one political party? Since when did social engineering and politics come to be a part of the science of counseling and social work? The idea that people have to be accepting of the subjective experience of others is not a scientific fact, but rather a political and social opinion. We are free to choose what we believe about transgendered people.

As for misogyny, I advocate for the rights of girls and women to have privacy and safety in their rest rooms and locker rooms. They should not have to share their private spaces with genetic and anatomical males, simply because these individuals have a subjective experience of themselves as members of the opposite sex. Misogyny would be the promotion of men entering into the locker rooms and rest rooms and violating the privacy of the girls and women in these rooms.

I do see a situation where rights are in conflict. At times like these, parents and students are the voices that matter the most, since it is their privacy on the line. It does not matter what liberal activists think, nor should they hijack the profession of counseling and try to pass off social engineering as if it were science. No we are not evil people because we disagree with you. We do not accept you as authority figures in our lives and we are not so insecure that we are willing to change our understanding of reality to earn your praise. If your praise can only be earned by our submission to your views, you offer us only the role of slaves, and we can hardly be faulted for declining your offer.

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