The problem, of course, is finding an adequate definition for hate speech that isn’t merely “speech…
Robert Harvey

The whole concept of “hate speech” is merely a tool to limit free speech. Far from being hateful, those who disagree with climate change “science” transgender theory or the rights of people to become ex gay are branded with hate speech labels and kept off of college campuses and are treated with disdain by the mainstream media. Who are the most hateful people? From a close look at those who have been labeled as using hate speech, anyone pro life, Christian, interested in national security, voting Republican, or holding any conservative views are hateful people and should not be allowed free speech.

By contrast when Hillary called Republicans deplorable, this was not hate speech. When she bragged about putting coal miners out of work, this was not hateful. There is a double standard that liberal progressive views can never be seen as hate speech, and conservative Republican views are always seen as hate speech. I have written well developed critiques of liberal progressive views and often find that I am called names by those who oppose me. Always the words “Christian” and “uneducated” are thrown in, often with “misogynistic”. I was actually accused of being misogynistic for promoting the idea that women and school girls should have the right to privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms and not be faced with the intrusion of genetic and anatomical males who are having a subjective experience of being women. Yes, I defended the rights of women and was accused of hating women!

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