That is some of the most twisted ideology I have ever read at Medium.

This actually has nothing to do with Trump. I have based my understanding of transgendered people and their experiences on science. I have met transgendered people and I also know many of those who regret transitioning and are returning to their true gender identity. My experience comes from knowing these people and not merely listening to agenda driven opinions masquerading as science.

Science is based on objective realities. The reality is that gender is genetic and determined at conception. The insistence that the rest of the world abandon this understanding based on reality and instead embrace the subjective experience of individuals is not realistic. As counselors, our job is to help clients accept realities and deal successfully with life. To presume that the role of counseling is to change everyone else to accommodate your client’s subjective experiences is to misunderstand counseling and science. It is also to over estimate your chances. It is unlikely that people will abandon objective reality and embrace subjective opinion simply because progressive liberals are attempting to enforce indoctrination!

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