Louis, please explain the role of the right-wing so-called “media” outlets if the “liberal” press…
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Ultimately it was Hillary who is responsible for losing the election. She had no broad appeal and was not well received in the so called “fly over” states. She spent most of the campaign preaching to her own choir. The press could have helped her by being honest about how this would cost her the election by alienating most of the states.

Instead they covered for her. I saw countless networks use the expression: “She powered through it” in describing her collapse during campaign. Regarding her e mail scandal and FBI investigations, so called “news anchors” could not stop praising her for being a stand up person, who admitted her mistake and took full responsibility. It was if they had received a script. She received her script for the debates from them in exchange.

I’m old enough to remember when news coverage was unbiased and events were reported and no commentary was made. It was all about the five “Ws and one “H”. (who, what, where, when, why, and how.) Why is only acceptable if it comes from the event, not the reporters. It was clear that the shootings at the gay night club “Pulse” were dedicated to Allah and an act of jihad. This should have been in the news coverage, since the shooter made it clear this was why he did it. It was left out since it did not fit the liberal narrative. Instead we were once again told what to believe.

Liberal reporting has turned into commentary where the five “Ws” and one “H” are all a matter of opinion and the only opinion that matters is that of liberals. More than unethical, it was insulting and condescending. Conservatives were treated like little children and liberals were the mommies and teachers who knew what was really true.

The climax of this condescension was the pleading and begging of so called “celebrities” to the Republican electors tom make Hillary the winner. The liberal press covered the celebs with optimism and hoped Hillary could still win the election after all. The effort can best be summarized as “Republicans aren’t smart enough to vote and so we need to undo their mistake.” Imagine the precedent that would have set? From then on, when Republicans won, they would need to check with celebrities to see if they really won!

The insults were too many, the press backing the bullying and talking down to conservatives in a condescending tone continued to help Trump win. In truth, liberals have been losing the House, Senate, state, and local seats as well. Outside of a reinvention of the party that disowns the past and promises a new direction, Democrats will continue to lose.

I have seen little media that is slanted towards conservative bias. What I have seen was inclusive and not condescending. I have seen conservative press interview people who found Obama care unaffordable, the thought of men in women’s locker rooms to be unacceptable and the liberal candidates to be unqualified.

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