15 Unique Blog Post Ideas To Promote Your Business

Coming up with blog post ideas is time-consuming. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to talk about in a business blog.

Regardless of how difficult it seems to come up with small business blog ideas, these posts are essential to your business’s success. Sure. You can ignore your business blog. But do you really think your competition is going to stop focusing on its blogging efforts?

Your business might have a strange topic. Even with a weird topic, you should be able to create a blog that’s centered around it. Your audience has a desire for information and insight, and you’re the one who will fulfill those needs.

You’re the expert, and you’re also the authority in your field. You have a duty to provide your readers with something that’s going to add value to their lives.

But why is coming up with small business blog post ideas important? Well, you’re not just marketing blog topic ideas on your blog. You’re increasing your business’s visibility.

According to HubSpot, “One in ten blog posts are compounding, meaning organic search increases their traffic over time.”

With this statement, it’s easy to see what fantastic blog post ideas will do to promote your business. Read on for our list of the best ideas to gain your business blog the attention it deserves.

1. Blog post ideas discussing your competition

Now you’re not looking to promote your competition. But if there is something unusual about your competition you can discuss, this isn’t off limits. Look at how Android criticizes Apple in this video.

The commercial mocks Apple’s ads while showing how the company lacks certain features. While this is a video, writing about your competition is also effective.

2. Show off your processes in a business blog article

What goes into your product or service? Is there a particular way of doing things that set you apart from the competition?

Using your blog to give your readers a window into what you do is something they’ll appreciate. You’re transparent, and this will help your business earn readers’ trust.

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