2 Reasons Why Your Instagram Bio Sucks

No one wants a lame Instagram bio, but chances are you already have one.

Louis J. Prez

Having great photos like the one above, wont increase your following without the right bio. Instagram bio’s are the most important thing for your personal brand or business. Because it’s the first thing viewers see on you’re Instagram page. It directs them to the follow button, or turns them off completely. So here’s a short guide on how to write a powerful Instagram bio.

#1 — You’re not growth hacking your Instagram with your name. Yes many articles write about how important your name is. However i discovered something, they haven’t. Your name can lure in new Instagram viewers which can convert into new followers. What i mean is simple, a name can tell people exactly what your page is all about in one glance.

Note: If you’re a business then obviously this does not apply to you. You must stick to your business name.

If you’re not a business, picking a name that provides information can be a big bonus. For example: If you’re selling cupcakes, a name like The Red Cherry is horrible. Because it does not provide information to the viewer. A name like, The Red Cupcakes; instantly tells people it’s about cupcakes.

So how does this provide growth? Well the best way to use this to an advantage, would be to comment on other cupcake profiles. Don’t spam the comment section, leave a genuine polite comment. Other people reading the comments will see your USER NAME. The Red Cupcakes, and be more likely to click on it because it provided information about your page. In addition, since you’re commenting on a cupcake page, the other users are already into the same niche. Increasing your chances of gaining new followers.

#2 — The bio structure is either too busy, or not busy enough. Because of the way our minds have been conditioned to reading just about anything. The first sentence will tell our brains if will care about the second. So in your bio, your first sentence has to be the most captivating sentence. It should always lead, with anything that show’s your companies personality. The same is true if you’re a personal brand.


“You’re Not Italian if you don’t eat our pizza”

Your next sentence, should describe what you do and who you are. For example:

Brooklyn's Best Pizza Shop

Your third sentence should hook your target audience with specific key words.


Pizza| Drinks| Foodies

The above structure, tells the viewer you’re not so formal. You have a personality and makes you relatable to them. It informs them of who you are and what you do. It also provides information as to what they can expect your Instagram post to be about.

Finally, you want a call to action or a form of contact. This is where you place an email or a link to a blog post.


“You’re Not Italian if you don’t eat our pizza”

Brooklyn’s Best Pizza Shop

Pizza| Drinks| Foodies


Don’t worry, if you’re not able to write all of this in your Instagram bio’s. Use different words to shorten the point you’re trying to get across. Now, notice how clean and organized that Instagram bio appears. Not only does it show personality, but it also looks professional. Share this article with your friends, if they’re suffering from a bad Instagram bio.

Thanks for reading

  • Louis J. Prez