How the Virtual Writing Tutor Can Provide a Better Writing Solution

When you write, you want to be read. That’s why you should write with your audience in mind. Will they mind the occasional error? If they know you and like you, probably not. If they don’t know you, they will question your intelligence and level of education. It is shocking, but true.

Many people are at a loss when it comes to the basics of capitalization rules, punctuation, and article usage, and verb agreement. It doesn’t mean that they are stupid, it just means that they have more to learn in that area. Those people can stay weak in these areas of written communication, or they can do something about it.

One obvious solution is to find a friend who has the requisite skills to write clearly and correctly. One can call them up, and if they are a true friend they will help out. But even good friends get busy sometimes, and they might get tired of having to help you over and over again. What you really need in that situation is a tutor.

A writing tutor is the best way to fix those persistent errors. Not only will your text benefit from having someone with better writing skills look over your writing, but the changes the tutor suggests can help you become a better writer in the future. The guidance you receive will help you improve both your message and your writing skills.

Human tutors can be expensive and slow. Time is money, and a writing tutor’s time might not come cheap. Furthermore, you will need to set up an appointment, travel to the tutor’s office or set up an online meeting that can gobble up a good portion of your valuable time.

Virtual tutors are different. When we use the word “virtual,” we usually mean something simulated. In some cases, “virtual” is better than the real thing. For example, a flight simulator provides virtual flight experience that is safer and cheaper than the real thing. A virtual bank can be just a phone call away. Similarly, a virtual writing tutor is available 24/7, tirelessly checking your writing for errors without the cost and time commitment that a human tutor would demand.

Do you wish to make career in writing?

Nowadays, getting your message out in writing has never been more important. With so many people online these days, a written message may be the best way to communicate with prospective customers and suppliers. If you have flair for writing, then you can have a good career in content writing and even in academic writing. The more you can write in a day, the faster you will achieve your goals. But speed comes with a cost: accuracy suffers. Get a virtual writing tutor to help you proofread your writing and eliminate your spelling and grammar errors. Using an online grammar checker as your virtual writing tutor is sure to help you be more productive and more accurate.

Website developers and owners

If you have your own website, you know that the best way to generate ad revenue using Google Adsense is to place your ads on a blog with lots of new content. Getting that content out there error-free is going to be integral to your business model.

If your website is a forum where users share user-generated content, providing them with a way to check their writing before they hit “Post” will help them look good and avoid looking bad. In this case, a free grammar check will be a the way to go.

If you are a website developer, providing your clients with a way to get virtual online tutoring on their writing will ensure your satisfied clients rave about you to their friends, sending you referrals left, right, and centre. In order to integrate that kind quality control for writing, a grammar checker API will allow you to embed a virtual writing tutor on every website you develop. Spelling and grammar checking will be at your client and his users’ fingertips. You will be a hero in their eyes.

Writing well can have a very good impression. So, with that you can actually enjoy better engagement, and finally you can just enhance your position in your field, too.

Practice and you can win

With everybody rushing online to make a name for themselves, competition can be fierce. So, if you want to lead or make a name for yourself, then you will have to make extra effort to shine brighter than the competition. You should practice your writing and try to make your grammar perfect. You should read good books that would help you with your academic writing. Apart from that you should find a good grammar checker online like a virtual tutor to put you head and shoulders above the crowd.

Often when we write, a few mistakes creep into our sentences. But thankfully, you can always find assistance in a virtual sentence corrector, and this can be a good way to polish your finished article. Whether its web content writing or general writing, you should always work extra hard and perfect the expression of your ideas. This will make the impression you need to propel your career forward.

Search for the best free grammar check option and see how that can change your life for better. Every now and then you will realize that you can’t disturb your friends with requests to edit an article for you or correct what you have written. You should take help of the online grammar corrector.