Why America cares more about race than sexual assault
Shanon Lee

In this volatile racial climate, many black Americans are more concerned with Cosby’s right to receive a fair trial, than his victim’s right to receive justice.

A fair trial includes the accuser seeking a proper legal remedy to their claim.

In this case the accuser is difficult to believe.

First of all, her account of the “attack” has changed drastically, not just small points but massive changes in her account and the related discussions and behaviors before and after the “attack”.

But outside of all the many, many changes and inconsistencies with her story there is one part that leaped out at me and I have been conducting an unscientific study of my own with women on this point.

I ask women a basic question, if you go to a man’s apartment. hotel room, home and the man offers you unidentified pills do you swallow them without question?

This specific woman as well as a few others to include even a Nurse, all claim that Bill gives them unidentified pills and they swallow them then he assaults them when the pills incapacitate them. But this strikes me as about as close to impossible as can be. What woman, especially modern women, highly educated women, blindly swallow any pill handed them by men all alone in the man’s residence or anywhere?

So far my unscientific polling has produced a perfect 100% “NO” answer, most have all sorts of interesting and colorful words to add to that “NO” but it has so far been pretty clear that this is the kind of thing women simply do not do.

But just to be fair, Shanon Lee you can be my next poll subject. You are an educated and modern woman, and you are even defending these women so let me ask you the same question and I hope you do not dodge or avoid this question:

Would you take a couple unidentified pills alone in a non-intimate partner’s home?

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