Tapping Ellison to lead the DNC would show that the Democrats are actually going to learn something…
Christopher S. Freeman

Actually elevating this guy would be the opposite. Bernie was not popular because of his radical communist stands, nobody actually believed he would pass any of his ideas through Congress, sure it sounded good but we all knew it was impossible even with a Democrat majority because 90% of Establishment Democrats did not support any of Sander’s ideas.

Sanders could certainly have won, but his popularity was similar to Trump’s, the outsider willing to blow things up to force changes. I think Bernie could have won because he would be seen as the more “normal guy” compared to Trump, but his appeal was similar.

Doubling down on race baiting politics and attacking the working class as “deplorable” and the direct connection to Corporations, Bankers, and Wall Street was why Hillary Clinton lost, and Ellison is not going to change that view of the party.

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