It is hilarious that you Trump votes are all like “Nothing to see here, it is all over”, after a…
Patrick Quibodeaux

After a full year of FBI investigation with the most gifted people in the world working on it and still they have nothing? Comey and possibly others at the FBI have been leaking investigation details all along, it seems pretty clear that if there was anything of impact against Trump Comey would have leaked it already.

So “now” you are talking wait and see, yesterday it was all about the “bombshell” Comey was about to drop on Trump, lol. Each and every time you guys get your hopes up for some blockbuster revelation against Trump, it never happens.

Comey admitted Trump was never under investigation for the Russia mess, that destroys hundreds of thousands of stores pushed by the Liberal media. Comey specifically gutted the New York Times over their story that the Trump Administration had many contacts with Russian intelligence agents.

While I agree you guys will keep up this losing strategy because that is all you have, my point is it is going nowhere and the more these “bombshell” events turn out to be all fizz and no pop the general public will see Democrats for the chicken little types they really are.

Keep crying wolf, the more you cry about things that turn out to not be true the more normal Americans will tune you out.

Answer this question for me, if you never get anything of substance against Trump, then what?